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Dean Trumbley

Dean Trumbley – Bushnell’s Trigger Effect

Dean Trumbley is a former professional biologist and a proud father of five children. Dean grew up in the southern interior of British Columbia, Canada and started hunting and fishing at a very young age with his father and grandfather.


Dean is no stranger to the hunting and fishing industry as his grandfather Smokey Trumbley was a hunting/fishing celebrity on TV, radio and in the newspapers from 1970-1980’s. As a biologist (trained in both wildlife and freshwater fisheries), Dean has conducted over 75 studies and also worked at the federal and international levels including a 3-year period with the Canadian delegation on the United Nation’s – Convention of Biological Diversity.


Besides being a biologist, Dean also was a professional big game in his earlier years. As one of the Hosts for Bushnell’s Trigger Effect, Dean brings a unique skill set to the show as an accomplished research level biologist with a strong complement of big game guiding and life-long hunting experience.

Don Freschi

Don Freschi – Sport Fishing on the Fly

Don Freschi – the Executive Producer and host of the popular North American TV show, Sport Fishing on the Fly,  has been casting lines and catching beautiful fish across North America for over 25 years.


With over 40 years of experience, Don’s knowledge of fly fishing and fly tying is unparalleled. Shot entirely in 4k, and airing across North America on the World Fishing Network (WFN), Sportsman Canada, WildTv, CHEK TV and many regional networks.


Each episode takes you to a beautiful, and often remote location, to fish for the various species local to that area.

Danny Coyne

Danny Coyne – BC Fishing

Danny has been an avid Angler since his early childhood. Danny grew up in a small quaint community in the Similkameen Valley of Princeton BC.  His family’s farm is nestled against the Similkameen River.  This is where Danny and his older brother Spencer adopted the passion for fishing.


Danny is a Pro Staff Angler for premium fishing companies brands such as Mack’s Lure and King Fisher Boats. Danny is also a freelance outdoor writer and has written many articles for publications such as Western Woods & Water Magazine. You can find Danny traveling throughout the province conducting angling seminars on a variety of different fishing methods.


Danny is very active within multiple fish and wildlife conservation groups within the BC community.   He loves to share his love and passion for fishing with others.  Sharing his discoveries, adventures, and tips on the water with fellow Anglers is just as equal of a passion of his as fishing.  Danny encourages all Anglers to share the sport of fishing with the younger generation so they too can have those special moments in life fishing with their fathers, brothers and all loved ones.

Dennis & Verlie Grant

Dennis Grant CCI, MCI, THCI, Verlie Grant CCI. Okanagan Fly Casting School

In 1995 Dennis became Canada’s 1st FFI Master Certified Instructor and in 2007 successfully completed the Two Handed Casting Instructor Certification, becoming one of only a few Instructors worldwide to hold three FFI Certifications. For 10 years he was a member of The Federation of Fly Fishers International Casting Board of Governors.

Dennis and Verlie have presented casting workshops throughout Canada, the USA, Scotland and Ireland.  Currently living in Summerland BC, they are members of the Penticton Fly Fishers and operate the Okanagan Fly Casting School, teaching private lessons to new and advanced fly fishers.
In 2013 Dennis received the FFI Lifetime Achievement in Fly Casting Casting Instruction Award, in recognition of those who have made significant contributions to the art of fly casting instruction.


Travis O’Shea, Wapiti River Outdoors

With a passion for the outdoors, Travis’s whole life has been about hunting, fishing and camping.

Born in Grande Prairie, Alberta in 1974. The mountains is where he calls home.  At a young age he was allowed to tag along with my dad and uncle on hunting trips. From that spawned a great appreciation for the animals they pursued. Elk became his passion. Hunting them wasn’t easy but once he learned a few tricks and how to call the mystery got easier.

Learning to call in the woods and calling in the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundations World Elk Calling Championships, lead Travis to want to share the knowledge he has gained over the years. These two styles of calling are worlds apart and he finally won his first world title in 2015 in Las Vegas! Now he travels all over doing shows and seminars for people who want to learn the art of calling elk.

Ken Sward

Ken Sward

Ken Sward has been an active hunter since the age of 10.  Growing up hunting ducks and geese on a Fraser Valley dairy farm, he graduated to big game in his early 20’s.  After seeing the success of other hunters from game calling, he became interested in it and has become very successful.  Having called in moose and bears to being “too close” and taking one elk at 4 yards and still coming, Ken says that the most spectacular way to hunt is to interact with the animals and bring them to you.  From calling deer for “Canada in the Rough” on the Queen Charlotte Islands to whitetails in Saskatchewan, Ken gets his excitement from the outdoors and “talking with the critters”.  After being an instructor in his career for over 15 years, and later giving numerous seminars on the subject while working in the hunting section of Cabela’s, Ken communicates well with his audience.  Ken will be on stage with Johnny McDowell and will give some ideas and techniques on the “how to” of big game calling.

Johnny McDowell

Johnny McDowell

John Mcdowell otherwise known as Johnny Mac,  has 50 Years of hunting success and 14 years experience at doing shows. He has learned a lot of tricks along the way that led to success at the game of hunting, He tricks the big game with sight, sound and scent to bring them in, Elk & Moose is his favourite.  Johnny goes into all aspects of having success at the hunting game. Johnny has been  been on the Dragons Den with his inventions for calling in big game. Johnny can make your hunts more successful!